Porto ItapoĆ” is among the 50 most innovative companies in the South of Brazil.

On April 16, the Terminal was awarded as one of the 50 most innovative companies in the South of the Country. We are the only port to appear in the traditional ...

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Porto ItapoĆ” encourages music through cultural projects in the city

Initiatives include children, young people and adults in the community

This offers conditions for the Itapoá community to have more ...

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Porto ItapoĆ” participates in the Intermodal 2019

Between March 19 and 21, Porto Itapoá attended the 25th edition of Intermodal 2019, in São Paulo. The event is a strategic platform for generating new ...

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Porto ItapoĆ” earns international Navis Inspire Awards

Navis 2019 Inspire Awards recognized the Terminal for its actions in the community

This week, Porto Itapoá was recognized with an ...

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Porto ItapoĆ”, Banco BR Partners, BID, ABC and ING finish the financing of BRL 450 million with a deadline of 11 years

Porto Itapoá, one of the most modern and efficient container terminals in Latin America, was one of the few enterprises in the country that have made ...

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