Porto Itapoá earns international Navis Inspire Awards

Navis 2019 Inspire Awards recognized the Terminal for its actions in the community

This week, Porto Itapoá was recognized with an international award for its efforts in the community. Navis 2019 Inspire Awards, hosted in San Francisco, California, awarded Projeto Ampliar, which has provided over BRL 325,000 in infrastructure investments for improvement suggested by the local population. The ceremony took place on Tuesday, March 26, and included the port in the Customer and Community Impact category.

Navis has a system used in ports all over the world and host the awards annually. Porto Itapoá´s category is judged by the system users and assesses the port´s relationship with its host community, looking at things like social development, entrepreneurism among members of the population and possibilities for generating income for families through social projects. “This international recognition is really important to us, as we can show our national and international partners how our relationship with the community leads to joint effort in improving local infrastructure”, stated Cássio Schreiner, CEO of Porto Itapoá.

Projeto Ampliar receives proposals from the community for the development of the neighborhoods of Jaguaruna, Figueira and Pontal, in Itapoá. It is comprised of five technical boards: Fishing and Agriculture, Communication and Culture, Sport and Leisure, Income Generation and Traffic. The boards are made up of representatives from the three communities, local public authority, civil society bodies and organizations, specialist technicians and Porto Itapoá. One of the completed projects was the reformation of an open area alongside the Pontal and Figueira Community Association – Acopof.

Porto Itapoá also relies on the support of the Community Social Consultancy, which assists in proposing solutions for communities, bolstering relationships with the population around the terminal. Additionally, some employees aid the residents, offering their technical expertise to promote the development of projects and actions.

2019 Edition of Ampliar Program

Proposals for Ampliar Program are already being accepted and the final version of the projects must be delivered by April 29, between 8 AM to 6 PM, at the Training Center. This year, the maximum amount it BRL 14,000.00. To participate, proponents must have taken part in the project workshops and been present at no less the 50% of the forums for 2019 by the voting date. 

Final voting is on June 6. All the rules and information can be found in the project notice, handed out at the Porto Itapoá Training Center and at Ampliar meetings. The forums are open to the whole community and meetings are held monthly. If you´re interested in joining, contact us via the ombudsman at 0800 674 558.