Projected to be sustainable and integrated with the environment, Porto Itapoá follows the trend established by the most modern ports in the world of minimal interference with the environment. Concern with sustainability has been and integral part of its social, environmental and economic policies since its conception, almost 20 years ago. Over these almost two decades, the port underwent various phases of environmental licensing in the federal, state, and municipal spheres together with financial institutions with the project receiving approval in all instances.

Since construction began, the Terminal has invested in environmental education programs, recuperation of occupied flora and fauna, as well as constant monitoring of marine life in the areas around its installations. Every month, Porto Itapoá invests R$ 200 thousand in preservation, monitoring, environment education, and flora and fauna control around the Terminal and has a full-time structure to respond immediately in the event of environmental accidents related to port operations.

The Figueira do Pontal beach, where the berthing docks are located 230 meters from the sand, was preserved, urbanized and reopened to the public. The beach urbanization project included a retaining wall to contain erosion, sidewalks, landscaping, and illumination, as well as increasing the beach area for use.
In addition, it constantly runs programs in neighboring areas such as the Environmental Education Program and the Itapoá Clean Beach Project. It also provides resources for maintaining ecological reserves and the planting of native seedlings on the banks of the Saí-Mirim River.



Porto Itapoá always has acted, and always will act, as a partner to the city of Itapoá. The number of actions that the Terminal has performed over recent years is proof of this.

With the Terminal in operations, the city’s name is being carried around the world. To have an idea, today around R$ 200 thousand are invested monthly in environmental educational, prevention, and training programs.

This investment is a practical issue in socio-environmental responsibility. An enterprise such as Porto Itapoá can create risks, primarily to the environment. Our role is to identify these risks and work 24 hours per day with complete attention to such risks so that they do not become reality. Owing to the performance of Porto Itapoá employees and partners, to date we have had no environmental incidents.

From the social standpoint, Porto Itapoá has been providing various actions in the city since even before Terminal operations began. The company’s board of directors and the administrative council recognize the value of human beings in all aspects, and this principle guides us in all phases of port operations, beginning with our own organizational environment and daily spreading to all residents of the city.

Projects developed and/or supported by the Terminal:

  • Pontal & Figueira Crafts Fair
  • Environmental Education Program
  • Pasta Night
  • Youth Apprenticeship Program
  • Itapoá Driver Friend Program
  • Traffic Education Program
  • Itapoá Clean Beach
  • Itapoá Christmas Retirement Home Campaign
  • Support for Civil Life Guards Project
  • Firefighter Training
  • Port Women Project
  • Arraiá do Mustafá (part of the Feast of St. John celebrations)
  • Environmental Awareness Week
  • Support for the Itapoá Zoonosis Center